Cupid games for my crush!

Ah, what joy to imagine being young. I get to imagine bizarre things which in some cases didn’t even exist in my time. Like Valentine’s day for example! This day dedicated to the celebration of love may be slightly silly at times but what is the harm if it is an ode to the most beautiful feeling in the world – love?

So when I was asked: “If you had to propose to your crush on Valentine’s day how would you do it?”, I had to exercise my creative cells immensely. I had to really think outside the box and go all out in imagining the romantic possibilities on this beautiful day, for that special someone who makes your heart go into tizzy, who sets your pulse racing and who puts a big smile on your face.

So for such a beautiful, charming person of my dreams, for my crush, this is what I will do on Valentine’s Day:

  1. I will leave a mysterious note at the doorsteps of the person on the previous day, February 13. It will ask my crush to be prepared for something mysterious to happen in his life soon. It will tell him some tales that will intrigue him and make him very curious. Then it will invite him to be at the nearest café in the evening at 6 PM
  2. I will speak to the waiters of the place and arrange some placards with some cryptic messages for the time when my date arrives at the café. They will say things like “Who is this person writing her heart out to you?” “Who is it that is intriguing you? “What are you about to find out?” “What is about to happen?” and so on..
  3. When my handsome crush will be sufficiently intrigued and dying to know more, one last waiter will hand him a letter from me in a fragrant red letterhead. It will ask him to get dressed tomorrow morning for a day out, with light clothes, comfortable shoes and lots of curiosity. He should be meeting the mysterious letter writer at the entrance to the highway in the morning at 7 AM
  4. I am sure that I know my crush well enough and he will there right on time. I will suddenly meet him in my little electric car decorated with flowers and filled with soft music. I will invite him to join me on a picnic on the outskirts of the city. The fact that I have a crush on him should tell you that he will be adventurous and pleasant enough about the idea of joining me on this mysterious ride!
  5. This picnic will be planned well in advance with lovely light food, music, ambience and conversations. I will cook food that he likes and present to him.
  6. There at the picnic, I will propose to him with handmade gifts, flowers and a self composed song. I’m sure he will say ‘yes’, and even if he doesn’t I will be very happy that I was bold enough on this special day to propose to the man of my dreams 🙂

So what will you do to surprise your crush or propose to him / her this Valentine’s day? 🙂

For lots of fun, check out this link filled with Cupid’s magic! There is a great dare with a chance to win an I-phone!


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