Achieving the perfect harmony

We all live two lives. One is what’s inside us and the other is what is external, what we present to the world or what we portray. This is true in the case of our psychological selves, as well as our physical selves.

Our inner lives, systems, bodies and functions strongly govern our outside. This is why an imbalance in hormones results in sickness, lack of certain vitamins result in hair problems or bad digestive system results in skin problems like acne and pimples (that mushroom once started!).


When I see young girls these days sweating over their skin problems, but at the same time eating pizzas, burgers and donuts like there’s no tomorrow, I cannot help but feel amazed. These food items are highly difficult on the bodies and take a lot of time to digest and pass out. They sometimes can even cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract and immune system. And once this happens, recovery is slow and painful.

But it is not just the recovery that one needs to worry about. A bad stomach shows up on the skin really soon. Eruptions on the surface like pimples and acne are common symptoms of a faulty digestive tract. And for me this boils down to one’s external being a manifestation of one’s internal. What’s outside being reflective of what’s within. A true showcase of the deep harmony of the inside and the outside, and hence the importance of keeping the two in deep harmony.


Based on my experience, what I strongly endorse is a clean and healthy inside, physically as well as emotionally. A healthy body and mind will surely reflect into a healthy skin and appearance. Hence proper diet is essential for the body and mind. This will ensure that it reflects seamlessly on the outside. There won’t be dichotomy between what you feel inside and what you show outside.

But if you do end up having the bad fortune of bad skin and pimples, and this is causing miserable effects of your daily life, I do understand. I know that pimples can really ruin a lot of things like it did for me while I was growing up, example:

  • I was constantly unable to prepare to attend events, functions or gatherings; because I never knew how my skin would react! If I would just break into pimples out of nowhere, and end up looking sad and pathetic
  • My skin would itch, feel dry and uncomfortable. I was just unable to focus on what was going on outside, because my mind was caught up with my own discomfort and skin issues.
  • I would be self-conscious because no matter how much acceptance other people gave me, I would keep thinking that they are looking at my pimples. Hence I was unable to feel confident in any new relationship, friendship or business transaction
  • My mind was constantly preoccupied and full of self-pity. Sitting in a yoga class, I would not focus on the asana, but actually admire skins of other perfect women around me. How could I ever feel free and ‘in the moment’ with such a mindset?
  • I would spend a lot of time looking for homemade tips and tricks, spend so much money at dermatologists and try every possible solution available in the market, that I hardly had any time left for my regular life and activities!

So if you are also going through something like this and looking for urgent solutions to pimples, I completely understand. I can’t claim that you have come to the right place and I have all the solutions for you. But what I can tell you is that you are not alone. A lot of women across the world are going through this issue and desperately looking for answers.


Well, firstly like I said, you need to ensure that your inside is bright and glowing. You need to eat the right food according to dietary, vitamin, mineral and other requirements of your body. This will ensure perfect synchronization in your system and a perfect healthy body and mind will reflect in your skin and face. However, till the time you achieve that perfect inside harmony in your body, you need to use some quick fixes so that pimple problems don’t rob you of your peace of mind.

One of the things that you need to do is to keep your skin clean and oil free at all times. You can do this by ensuring that each time you come home from spending time outside, you wash off all dust and oil from your face. And for this, if you can use a good brand of face wash dedicated to keeping your skin clean and pimple free, then it is all the more better. One product that I have found effective in this for the past few years is the Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash. I feel that the purifying qualities of neem are great for Indian skin and help me keep the skin dust and oil free, they work at a deep level in fighting pimples.


You can also blog to fight pimples with Garnier!


Image courtesy: Pixabay


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