Chat or call?

Recently I saw a Quikr ad on TV where the guy starts speaking with a potential buyer only to realize that he has been speaking with the wrong person all along. And then he starts the process of looking for the credentials of the right woman. The ad took me back instantly to the time when something similar happened to me.

Recently I posted the ad to sell my television. I had bought this TV only recently but because I came across a smart TV which I really liked. The moment I put the ad on Quikr, interest started generating. I guess a new TV at such a throwaway price was very irresistible for potential buyers. Given Quikr’s great reach, I found buyers across the city. They started calling me instantly.

While it as great to get the feeling that sale will happen soon, I felt a little disconcerted about the number of calls I got during the day. In between family engagements, in the middle of discussions and at lunch or dinner time; there was no stopping the calls. It reached a point that I just sold it off to the next person who called and got rid of the ad. At that point, I really wished that there was some respite from these constant harassing and harrowing calls. Looks like the Quikr team heard of my plight!

Online classifieds website Quikr recently announced the launch of a new feature, called Quikr Nxt, which allows users to chat using the website or mobile app. Here are my 3 reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone call:

Privacy: Despite posting an ad in the public space, I don’t have to share my contact number or email address with anyone. The only point of contact will be my Quikr ID, and I can use Quikr Nxt to chat with people using the app on my smartphone, or on the website. This will free me of privacy worries, of being stalked or disclosing personal details to people I don’t know.

Flexibility: I can answer chats when I am free. I don’t have to worry that if I don’t answer calls immediately, the buyers will go. In chats I can afford to be less prompt and yet retain the buyers’ interest.

Keep track and record: A phone call (unless recorded) is gone once over. On the other hand, a chat is saved in the history and I will always have a backup of the same. I won’t need to make notes of each caller for my memory sake and just keep going back to the chat history during the entire process of sale and negotiation.

I am eagerly looking forward to putting the next product on Quikr and making a sale through its fabulous features!


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