A day of miracles

Yesterday was a big day in my life. It was a day that demanded me to step out of my limitation and self-view and do something which would not only surprise others but also me.

It was our annual day in the apartment complex. We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who love to celebrate everything, so alongside Holi, Diwali, Christmas and other festivals, we have also planned an annual day where we just celebrate ourselves. We plan games, eat great food, discuss issues, plan the year and have lovely conversations.

Normally I am responsible for the cultural and entertainment section of the day. This involves getting artists to perform, music systems or our apartment kids’ teams to prepare short dances or skits. This time, the day coincided with the exam season so none of our internal teams could perform. Because of an emergency recently, all our funds were exhausted so we could invite guest artists too. We were in a mess. Suddenly in this dire situation with no idea what to do.

I decided that this was my time to rise. Having a background in theater I had to do something for entertainment part. I could not let my friends down. I could disappoint everyday on this important day. I quickly picked up a script and decided to direct a pay. I coaxed some of my friends to act in it and they agreed reluctantly. We rehearsed for some days early mornings or late evenings.

We learned dialogues, got nervous and had lots of fun. Then the D day arrived.

Yesterday in front of that large expecting audience, the amateur actors performed e as I stood backstage biting my nails. But the play was phenomenal. It exceeded expectations. The audience was ecstatic. I got so many congratulatory messages that I lost count. I was extremely satisfied, and proud of my team, but more than that I was proud of myself.

I realized I am more than what I think of myself. I am a wife, mother, friend, actor, director, and somebody who can turn a crisis into a miracle.

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