If I get a second chance in life..

Have you lived a life that seems to have gone by you?

Have you postponed everything that really ‘mattered’ to you to do things that you ‘needed’ to do?

Have you started looking back at your past already with an increasingly heavy bag of regrets and a lighter bag of days or opportunities ahead?

If any of this was a ‘yes’ to you, then come join me. I am increasingly beginning to realize that I have hardly done things that I can fondly look back on because I have been doing things important to ‘get by’. I have been doing things expected out of me and not always what I wanted to. And this is why I am looking for second chances now. Let me list three things that I have been putting off for the future and would do right now if given a chance.

Learn to ride a bike: Ever seen one of those biker chicks that zoom past on the road looking better than the most handsome men? Well, I have! And I think if given a second chance, this is the one thing I would surely do. I have never ventured to learn such skills thinking it doesn’t belong to women, but now I really feel why not! I want to learn biking and that too become an expert at it! I want to go on a biking trip far and wide and feel the brush of air in my hair.


Climb a peak: Adventure has never really been my thing. Each of our family holidays has been a comfortable affair with cozy hotels, rented cars and hired guides. We have lived in a bubble in the new place eating at safe places and doing boring ‘sightseeing’. At this point in my life, if given a #SecondChance I want to climb a peak in the Himalayas. I want to train for it, be fit and exceed my own expectations of myself. Standing there on top of the peak will be an experience that will light my eyes till the end of years.


Sing for a live audience: In college I used to sing. I was not really a big time singer with lot of training and audience, but I was not bad at the ghazals that I loved and that were a rage in those days. My friends and family at times would ask me to sing and it would delight me intensely to sing for them. Those few moment of forgetting myself and letting my heart sing our loud would give me such an unbelievable joy that I am shocked I never tried to relive it after college. If given a #SecondChance I would like to train in classical music and take up vocal again. I would like to sing one day for a live audience, no matter of what size, and that would surely be the most beautiful day of the rest of my life 🙂


This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.

Image courtesy: Pixabay


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