Dream on!

Today I got into a nostalgic mood… I kept asking myself what would I do if there were no restrictions in my life? If I could do anything I want right now, right here? What would be my bucket list? This is what I came up with:

Cook a new cuisine: I cook Indian food well and all my friends and family love me for it. Since I am a vegetarian, I love to lentils, vegetables, breads and Indian sweets. But now I feel that it will be great for me to experiment. While I can bake a basic pizza, whip up a simple pasta or an American veg burger, it would be amazing if I can master a whole new cuisines. I would love to surprise my loved ones with a whole new range of food and delicacies!

Try a new wardrobe: If I had no restrictions of money and image, I would to love to dress up in a whole new way. Over the years, I have dressed in a typical way always. I have worn Indian clothes like saris, salwar kamizes and maybe on very rare occasions some western clothes, but never anything too brave. I think one of my bucket list items is to redefine my style. I want to dress different, look different and feel different – and I am sure that clothes and appearance will play a great part in it.

Get a pet: Another of my hopes is to get a pet one day. With the children, household chores and other responsibilities, I just never had the chance to get a cuddly little pet but now that they are all settled I feel I have the time and space to do so. I would love to get a adorable puppy or striking cat. Taking care of them and being unconditionally loved by them would be divine!

Learn how to drive a car: I don’t know how to drive. I have always depended on my children and husband to do that for me. This always makes me dependent on them. One of my wishes is to drive my own car, go anywhere I want to, any time I want to. This will release me from unnecessary dependencies, make me free and footloose.

Design a new range of shoes: Women like me don’t have enough shoes to wear. This is not just because we love new shoes every day, it’s also because they don’t make shoes which are great in utliity and comfort. So the last item in my bucket list is to turn a shoe designer / fashion designer of shoes! I would make simple and elegant sandals for women of my age that are glamorous yet comfortable. This entire activity would also give me a chance to enjoy the joys of an entrepreneur. It would be great to run my own fashion venture based on my dreams!

Thanks IDBI Federal for inspiring me to dream about my bucket list and wanting to make it a reality! Here is their video that beautifully presents the happiness in living life without ‘any fikar’!


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