Reliving my babies’ beautiful days..

This topic took me back many years when my children were small and in the age where I used to struggle to make them sleep and get a good night’s rest. Knowing well that sleep is an utmost essential part of a person’s day where the body repairs and re-energizes itself, especially that of a little one, I always tried to pay the maximum attention to how my little ones were doing in that department. See this video to know how it matters…

Over a period of time I perfected some fun yet effective bedtime rituals that helped my baby relax and get a good night’s sleep. Let me take you through the entire routine here. I am hoping that some young mothers may be able to take a bit of input from here and gain as they bring up their bundles of joy in the best possible manner.


Step One:

I set a short and simple bedtime routine. It started with a nappy change. A wet nappy not only it very bad for a baby’s health but also doesn’t let him or her sleep peacefully. I always made sure that the nappy change was prompt and timely a short while before the baby went to bed.

Step two:

Changing the baby into his or her comfortable pjs. I stocked on some comfortable and lose cotton clothes for my babies early on. These were meant for an easy and comfortable night’s sleep. Made of a good fabric, odor free and hygienic, my baby loved it and prepared to sleep well in them.

Step three:

Keep a story or song handy, depending on the baby’s age. When he or she was too young, I used to sing a soft simple song; when they grew up I started telling them little stories. Even if they did not understand, this was the time of most fun. Making noises, gestures and tales not only let me have a bit creative fun; but also let my child grow in his or her imagination. Of course this lulled her into a sweet sleep too.

Step four:

Softly massaging him or her till she felt sleepy. I often felt that rubbing the babies’ body softly to ease out all the tiredness of the day, to relax him or her, calm him or her and to prepare him or her for a good sleep worked wonders. Sometimes I used delicate odor-free oils, and at other times I just used my palms and fingers to gently rub their hands, feet and backs. This massage routine mostly soothed my kids and helped them get their beauty sleep in the best way.


So this was my fun and easy bedtime ritual for my children – it worked really well for me and you may want to try it too 🙂

Thanks Pampers for making me relive the lovely past. Images are from Pixabay


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