Power of being #together!

Time spent with family is always therapeutic. Spending time in everyday family leisure things leads to greater emotional bonding within the family. The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences. Eating meals together, talking about the activities of the day, sharing joys and challenges, doing simple chores together and spending some evenings eating pizza and watching movies are examples of simple activities that can go a long way in fostering bonding and love. This in turn means greater happiness and satisfaction for all members of the family.

I strongly believe in the important of family time and hence spending time with my loved ones has always been my priority. Recently something happened that strengthened my belief in this even further. I had been having a tough time with my immediate neighbor. We had just moved into this apartment and this other family had already been here for almost a year. Being a new apartment complex, such old families were few and far in between and hence they knew each other well and had a close network.

This particular lady in question seemed to have something against me that I could not quite understand. She would just smile at me for the sake of it and other than that keep interactions very limited. Because she was an ‘old-timer’ in that sense, other ladies were close to her and they would unknowingly keep their distance from me too. Normally I’m somebody who is quick to make friends, and always the one to crack jokes and lighten a situation but this one time it wasn’t happening and I was almost going to give up.

Then after a few weeks, my daughter visited me for a few days. Along with her came a bunch of interesting activities and engagements. Since her visits are very irregular, I look forward to them a lot. I cook extensively for her, make plans and even look forward to having her friends over. The next few days went in a frenzy. We were all so busy that I did not have any time to think of anything.

One day when all friends had come over, I cooked a huge meal. The veg pulao, which is my culinary specialty, turned out to be especially delicious. I decided to plate some of it on a whim, and take it downstairs for the evening gathering of ladies. I also packed some disposable plates and spoons for them; as also some tea in a thermos with disposable glasses.

Luckily when I went down, their gathering was just winding up after their daily evening chat session. Seeing me, they all smiled, albeit slightly cursorily. I smiled too and offered the delicacy. The aroma of the pulao instantly lightened everybody’s mood. Some of the ladies helped me serve. The pulao was an instant hit and praised by one and all. Then the tea was like an icing on the cake. We ended the evening on an uproarious note with requests for recipe and invitations for tea at various places. My neighbor seemed to be looking at me with a mix of envy and puzzlement, but I did not care. For me, the ice had been broken with the lovely ladies of my neighborhood and I was as happy as one could be!

The company of my positive daughter with her zesty spirit had given me the strength to take the initiative and come out of a tricky situation in a beautiful and positive way… Like Housing rightly says, there is power in being #together! 🙂


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