Product review: Ariel Matic

This is a long overdue post! The lovely people at Blogadda selected me for a review of the fabulous new Ariel Matic as part of the #WashBucketChallege and I was very excited to write my review, not just because I was one of the lucky few selected but because actually I was so impressed with the product quality! I have a lot of great readers on my blog who value my opinions and thoughts and I thought they should get to know about my thought on the new Ariel Matic. Additionally this time there was the added fact that my husband agreed to share my load and wash the clothes along with me because of the ease promised by Ariel Matic! He seemed to find the entire experience very comfortable and even said he wouldn’t mind washing the clothes every fortnight! So here is what I thought:

The product

The Ariel website, says it all without mincing words or using flowery language. It says: Ariel Matic provides the Best stain removal in 1 Wash. Especially formulated for Fully Automatic Washing Machines, Ariel Matic’s cutting edge technology to provide impeccable cleaning for your clothes and remove tough stains like curry, chocolate, ink and milk tea. Best used for Front & Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing machines. And I found this to be perfectly true. The day I had to wash the clothes, I ended up spilling some kofta curry on my dupatta. It was my favorite dupatta that I had bought last year during my trip to Kolkata. When the curry ran all over it, I was left quite disheartened!

I decided to put the new powder through a litmus test because on one hand I thought Ariel is a brand that demands trust because of its many years of brilliant performance, and on the other hand my dupatta anyway looked like a lost cause so it was a great idea to see if this new product was up to any good. Might I say I was not disappointed at all! Not only did Ariel Matic partnered perfectly with my washing machine to remove the tough stain, it also left the garment almost as good as new!

The experience

It was as simple as buying a candy off the market. Ariel Matic seemed perfectly fit for my fully automatic washing machine and helped me get rid of dirt and stains effortlessly. I used it later too, couple of times, and each time I had the same experience. I always worry that my delicate clothes will get roughed up with strong chemicals of these detergents, but I don’t think that is a challenge here at all. There seems to be a good amount of customer research done while designing and launching this product.

The logistics

A one kg pack is priced at Rs. 230 and a two kg pack is for 450. Given its suitability for front and top loading washing machines, I felt the pricing to be reasonable in the segment.

Pity I forgot to take pictures of my husband washing the clothes because I was busy teaching him how to operate our washing machine! But for me, more than anything else what matters is that he found it easy to take the #WashBucketChallenge and showed interest and inclinations towards #ShareTheLoad with me! Still here is what I clicked after we were done with the washing and about to head out for a nice Saturday lunch

Ariel Matic

Since this was a picture of the sample I received I also want to add that of the product itself though I found this on the internet (


This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at is association with Ariel India


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