My awesome new countertop oven!

So like a lot of you, who know me offline too, know – I got a brand new spectacular addition to my kitchen – a Hamilton Beach Oven with Convection & Rotisserie!

I have been traveling extensively in the last two months plus have been handling some minor challenges that seem to crop up on me like mushrooms. And this was the reason that prevented me to write for such a long period of time! Being away from my blog was a very painful experience and this is when I realized how much I love blogging, in addition to my family and my cooking! But now that things seem to be under control and I am back home, I intend to resume blogging in FULL Swing! I am sure that my extended absence demands lots of additional posts and I am totally up for the challenge!

I will start with the post that combines my massive crush on my new Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie from Hamilton Beach. The reason for my crush is simple – it combines my passion for cooking with my passion for blogging! So I will be writing a 2-part review on the product based on the 2 delightful treats that I baked for my enthusiastic family recently. These 2 have been all sweet and so there is a likelihood that I will bake some savory delights later and post some more reviews. But let’s not get too excited and take one step at a time 🙂 🙂

My very first treat in the new oven was a batch of delicious fudgy chocolate brownies! Before I tell you more about the recipe, how I baked them and the result, let me quickly tell you a little bit about the oven itself because this is the first of the 2-part review and it’s important that I give context to the mean machine I used for my baking fun! Firstly, here are some pictures of the lovely countertop appliance:

Hamilton Beach oven

Oven interior

I’ll do a bit of copy-pasting here and give you low-down of all the features from the Hamilton Beach website

◦ 1500 Watts

◦ 32 litre Capacity

  • Fits 23cm x 33cm bake pan
  • Fits two 12” pizzas
  • Rotisserie accommodates a 5 lb. Chicken

◦ Convection cooks food more evenly

◦ Bake, broil and toast settings

◦ 120 minute timer

◦ 2 Skewers for kebabs

◦ Superior Stainless steel body for durability

◦ External Unit Dimensions(cm)

  • 31.8 x 52.7 x 43.2

The product comes with a two-year warranty and an express customer service!

Now my additions to the features from the website: the pictures and points don’t do justice to what you actually get! I feel that the description is very humble and there is a lot more in there that you wouldn’t even know if you just read it! Here are some of the other brilliant features I discovered in the last few weeks of my experience with using the oven:

  1. The oven is extremely user friendly: the functions were very easy to understand and follow. I am normally a little wary of new machines and appliances but this one worked like a breeze. I baked a cake within 3 days of getting it!
  2. Thoughtfully designed: the oven has features for most kind of food families. One can use it for meat, confections, savories, snacks and full meals. There is a lot of thought gone into making this one.
  3. Safe and spacious: I found the oven very safe while operating it. I just followed the regular instructions on what material to use and things like that and have felt very comfortable despite being relatively new to the world of baking. The oven’s dimensions are given above, but I did not still anticipate it to be so spacious and roomy. I am having a great time putting large pizzas and cakes in it!

So now let’s talk about my yummy mummy chocolate brownies that came out so spectacular that everybody gulped them down in a flash! Here is the recipe, extremely easy and very doable…

I followed the recipe to the T and the result was rich, chocolate brownies with dense, fudgy middles! They used simple ingredients like flour, sugar and eggs and were ready with a prep time of 10 minutes and a cooking time of 30. Here are some pictures of process and the final product:

 Getting started

Cake things!

getting ready



My experience of baking was flawless – if you are looking at buying an oven any time, then this is where your search ends – just go for this one. And if you try this recipe, tell me how they turn out too!

Product reviewed for Blogadda and Hamilton Beach


2 thoughts on “My awesome new countertop oven!

  1. Is the product dimensions mentioned by you (31.8 x 52.7 x 43.2) in the order of height x length x breadth? It would really be helpful if you could help me out with these details as I’m planning to buy the same oven myself. And also have you faced any problems regarding the servicing of the product? If so how did you get it done?

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