Product Review: Hamilton Beach Oven with Convection & Rotisserie

So, this is my second post on my Hamilton Beach Oven with Convection & Rotisserie. I am going to be talking about my other lovely creation with it today – a simple and delicious vanilla sponge cake.

While the cake again turned out to be quite lip smacking, my experience with the oven also lived upto my raised expectation – again for the second time! The recipe was extremely simple again thankfully and the result was superb! This time, let me treat you to detailed pictures of my baking process… so this is my oven 🙂

just out of the box the oven

grills        the inside

Now, let’s see the sponge cake getting ready to be gobbled 🙂



let's take it out

looks great

with icing sugar on top

tastes yummy

The cake was just divine even if I say so myself.. This is the recipe I used and it was so simple that I could just bake cakes for an entire battalion. Of course what helped was the fact that the Hamilton Beach oven is just a breeze to work with! It’s simple, sturdy, gorgeous to look at and wonderful to use! I cannot recommend and praise it enough 🙂

I have learnt that with something like Hamilton Beach on my side , nothing can stop me as I #CreateFearlessly.. Next in line are savory delights and I cannot wait to bake and review them too 🙂


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