Review: My Airtel app

Airtel announced the my airtel app a few days ago and now that I am getting interested in gadgets and apps, I decided to try out the Android version. Here are some of the advantages of the app:

  • My airtel app lets you manage your Airtel Mobile (prepaid/postpaid), Broadband, Fixedline and Digital TV right from your mobile phone.
  • It allows you to view and pay your bills for any airtel service through one consolidated app. It allows you to view your 3G usage too
  • The interface looks friendly and intuitive for my needs

Here are the 3 ways in which this app suits my lifestyle really well:

Real time bill tracking: Now I can keep a tab on how much I am spending on my phone, data and other services on a regular basis. I won’t get any shocks later that will disturb my monthly budget planning. A lot of times I feel that I am on top of things n terms of my mobile usage but some international calls to family or viewing of videos just gets forgotten and I get these huge bills that leave me quite unprepared later. Using this app, I am hoping that I can keep in touch with my family and loved ones, and at the same time manage my usage effectively and proactively!

Airtel surprises: I saw the ad and it looked so interesting and inviting. It said that just with a shake of my phone I can view any kinds of offers that I mind find useful for my personal style and preference! Here is the ad before I go into further details:

So what I understand is that I can receive ‘Airtel Surprises’ coupons with every recharge that I do. Later on I can redeem these coupons across categories like shopping, food, wellness, lifestyle and entertainment. Airtel has a great image in the market so it has partened with some top brands for this purpose. Many like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day,,,, and others are there offering choicest of offers and services for users like. Given my lifestyle and preferences, I would love to get Flipkart offers since I order a lot of products from there. I would also like to get vouchers for movies for my children and for coffee for my friends.

Store card details for a faster checkout: I have started making a lot of my payments online now. This not only includes phone or data, but also electricity and water. Instead of standing in the queue in scorching Delhi heat for long hours, now I can comfortably relax at home and pay bills at the luxury of my home. But what happens is that each time I have to keep my card handy to enter the 16 digit credit card number and this is very taxing. I feel a little reluctant to save card details on random websites since I cannot trust them. But with the Airtel app there is a high level of security attached and hence I can save my details so that all my payments can happen quickly and without hassle.

So these are my reasons on 3 Airtel app features that best suit my lifestyle. What are yours? 🙂


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