Motherhood memories

Motherhood has been such a joyous phase of my life that now it is not a memory, it is almost like a limb. I can never forget those initial jitters, those gradual acceptances and that eventual euphoria. Motherhood has been one of the most defining experiences of my life and I am sure that is the case for all those fortunate ladies who get to go through it.

When I got this wonderful opportunity to relive some of these cherished memories, I felt like a warm ray of sunlight passed through me. It was just so good to let go that I wanted to be part of this bandwagon that allowed me to walk down the memory lane and preserve those cherished memories forever and ever. So here are three of the pearls from the ocean of memories that I feel within my heart today…

You sat in mummy’s tummy,

Like a little teddy bear.

When you felt like jumping around,

You kicked your little feet everywhere!

I can never forget my babies’ kicks – their little restless feet dancing around in my stomach and making me feel so overjoyed! The first time it happened I was even a little scared if it was normal, but immediately the feelings changed into an overwhelming sense of love. The other times it was just pure joy as I waited each time for the kicking to start and my babies to make their presence felt.

The first time I saw you,

You were a wonderful little flower.

You held my finger for protection,

Your pure love was an endless shower.

When the nurse handed me my babies, each time I felt an endless surge of emotions. Their little eyes closed to the world, unprepared for what lay ahead, relying on me for protection, and holding me with their little fingers – moments that tug at my heart every single day.

You opened your cute little mouth,

And called me mama, my baby.

I couldn’t believe my luck,

That you are mine and only mine, my baby.

The third monumental moment for me in my journey of motherhood was when my babies addressed me as their mother. Different words and ways used by each of them, mama, mommy, amma or momma, but the effect was the same, heart-warming moments of complete belonging with those little ones that strengthened a bond that already felt so deep and that was to grow deeper and deeper for the rest of our lives, and even after that…

Even as I type this, I feel so overjoyed and emotional that I am sure that these cherished memories will stay with me forever. There is nothing more I would want than preserving them deep in my heart…

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