My mother, my expert


You were there when I most needed you mother,

You were there I wanted to hold your hand.

Your smile lit the dullest of my days,

And your kind words lifted all haze.

When you held my hand, I knew I could walk.

Your gentle assurance taught me about the world.

Confidence you had in me made me what I am.

Your enthusiasm for life always cheered me.

When I wanted to vent, you were there.

When I was scared, I knew I could rely on you.

Any problem I faced, you had a solution mother.

Anything I needed, I knew you were the expert!


Mothers are angels made my God for earth. He knew that things would get very difficult and challenging for lesser mortals like us, but he could not be here himself, so he made mothers. My childhood was blessed. Unlike kids of today, I got to play in the outdoors, climb trees and chase butterflies. We ate the best food, inhaled the cleanest air and slept the most peaceful sleep. But in that blessed childhood there was one thing multiplied my blessings several folds.

And that was my mother.

Warm and caring, silent and unassuming, kind and loving, my mother was the reincarnation of angels for me. Growing up, she was my go to person for everything. She was always been there for me, with a giving heart and a magnanimous smile. Whether things got out of hand or I just wanted a piece of advice, she was round when I looked for her. Whether I wanted a protector or a teacher, she was there when I needed her. Here are certain memories from my childhood that show the role my mother has played in my life, how she has had answers for everything, how she has been an expert at everything!

My mother, my sounding board

My mother is one of the best listeners on this planet. She is extremely understanding and patient. Everybody loves to go to her with their problems. Me being the daughter obviously had the luxury of having her around whenever I needed a sounding board! I remember the days when I wanted to take up acting seriously, there was a lot of stiff resistance from everybody in the family and relatives. They all kept saying that girls from our sect do not do things like that while I could not understand what was the harm if I changed the trend now.

Those days were not like today. I did not have the courage to defy the society and larger community. Unlike the support provided now, the open-mindedness and exposure, those days we did what we were told to. I really wanted to change the trend, defy norms and do what my heart truly called for, but I did not have the courage. Those were the days when my mother was the most gentle and caring towards me.

I would go to her and share my woes all the time. Being the beautiful listener that she was, she would just sit there and smile gently at me while I emptied my heart, ask questions that I wanted to ask the world and express everything that troubled me. She did not have the answers to everything but she surely had the warmth and love to be there, to be hear me out, to not judge me, to understand what I was going through and to be the best sounding boars I could have ever hoped for. Years later, when I was able to make a little headway into acting, though I never pursued it full-time, I thanked her for being with me through those struggles because it was in her silent support that I had found the strength to go on.

Your face itself gives me the strength mother,

Your eyes shine light on me.

Your kind smile inspires me every day,

Your patience keeping me going…

You do not know how you strengthen me,

You do not know how your presence itself is empowering.

Just being there you have done so much for me,

A better sounding board I could never ask for.


My mother, my guide

Sometimes life throws such difficult situations and decisions at us that we know our choice will determine the rest of our lives. However, picking one out of the various alternatives really shakes us up. Whenever I have needed to make a choice in life, my mother has been there, not to force me into one direction but to help me pick the right direction.

In our family, girls normally did not study much. In that respect I was one of the anomalies in many areas. Not only did I pursue theater part time for a couple of years during school and then later during college, I also was the first one to pursue a master’s program.

When I had to make the choice among the various subjects available to me, I was very confused and I had nobody to fall back on because nobody in my family had ever really studied that much. Despite being not so educated herself, my mother took it upon herself to guide me. Not only did she read up about the various subjects and programs available, she also went and spoke with two of her friends who were teachers.

They called me to their homes and there I received some very good advice. My mother accompanied me every time and made notes while her friends spoke to me. Then when we came home, she would show them to me so that we can have a long discussion around it. Finally I picked sociology and political science as my preferred subjects because I done well in them during bachelor’s plus I had had a lot of interest in going further and deeper into their studies for a long time.

Once I made that decisions I never regretted it. Agreed I never really made it my career, but then I was not really expecting to. Just being able to study, just getting that enormous support, understanding and guidance from home was enough for me. I could have never done that without my mother’s expert help!

You guided me like a lamp in the dark,

You held me handed when I felt lost.

Your words were always encouraging and wise,

Mother, your heart’s a source of love for all.

When I felt lost I closed my eyes,

Then I asked myself only one question,

If mother was here how would she guide me?

The answer led to my destination.


My mother, gossip partner

Well, ladies, let’s accept it. We thrive on gossip 🙂 We love to know what’s happening near and far, we love to discuss people we like or don’t like and this makes great time-pass at kitty parties, family gatherings or general catching-up sessions.

It is not that I gossip all the time but I don’t mind the occasional chatter here and there. It is not that my mother is only for the serious stuff but she is the best gossip partner I could have asked for. Each time I meet her, the first question I invariably ask her is, “So, what’s happening?” and then she starts a complete download of everything that’s hot and happening in our clan. Harmless and never meant to demean anybody, I find that it is a great thing that keeps my bonding with my mother going.

We never cross the line or take the gossip seriously but we surely use it for a good laugh when possible. Even in the middle of the afternoon sometimes when either of us is taking a nap, the other calls and says, “Did you hear that? Sharma ji is changing his job after twenty years!” and the other one goes, “Really? I never thought that is possible! Wow!”

I am not sure if I can be an equally good and entertaining gossip partner for my daughter but my mother has proved time and again that before anything else, she is my friend! And that has been made possible by our healthy relationship built on love, trust and little bit of gossip 😉

You’re sweet, you’re spicy,

Mother you’re never boring,

Why do I need a best friend outside,

When your company is always roaring!

Interesting gossips and recent news,

You’re never short of things to talk,

You’re my partner in crime and gossip,

Mother you’re my 2AM dose of entertainment!


My mother, my best friend

Last but not the least, my mother is my best friend. I am a shy person. I do not open up to people easily. While this can be sad for some people who miss out on forming close and lasting friendships being introverted or shy, it has never been a problem for me. Because I have had my best friend right at home!

Relationships troubles, money issues or general mood swings, I can discuss anything and everything with my mother. Friend, confidante and fun buddy, my mother plays multiple roles in my life with complete ease. She keeps up with the times and is abreast of what’s happening in the world and loves – this means that I am never bored around her. There is a lot to talk ad discuss with her – current affairs, political and social issues and cultural changes.

She knows all my friends, she is close to her grandchildren and she shares a lot of my interests – this means we can spend a lot of time together not just talking but actually doing meaningful things together. So we signed up for a pottery class together, where we crazy amount of fun. We took a trip together where we traveled and learnt a lot of new things. We do overnight stays where chat late into the night, have tea at 1 AM and laugh till our eyes tear up!

You’re hilarious, you’re fun,

Mother you’re my best friend.

Why do I need to look outside,

When you’re there from childhood till right now.

My partner in crime,

My expert confidante,

Mother you play so many roles,

Nobody can ever replace you.


This Mother’s Day, Godrej Expert Rich Crème celebrates your first expert, your mother.  It’s also time to celebrate the most widely trusted expert when it comes to hair colour. Click here to read more or this to find out how I got inspired to write this post! Images are from pixabay. Poems and text are my own.


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