A wedding to remember!


For my daughter’s wedding, we wanted a special performance. Since this was going to be the most important day of her life, we could not compromise on any of her wishes, we would not cut corners on what would the day look like and we would do everything we to make it the most spectacular night for everyone who joins to bless her. 

But it wasn’t so easy as it looked. We debated about so many performers, singers, dancers and actors that finally we were all confused about what we really wanted! We spent endless hours over tea, lunch and dinner over planning of the entertainment event at the wedding. We made calls to all friends and family to ask for their suggestions. We looked up endless videos on YouTube.

We picked names then gave up. We decided details then canceled. We thought we knew the answer and then we didn’t. We got excited, then frustrated, then tired and then excited again.

And then one day it happened. My son played a video on TV…



And we knew we had what we wanted. The energy that will be infectious for all guests, as well as the newly wed couple, the charm that will make everyone smile and the moves that will rock the party! But before we could get too excited, he played another video…



And now, we were floored! The innocence, the impressive deep voice, the lovely presence and a perfect fit for our daughter’s own zest for life! Suddenly we all looked at each other and screamed together!

“What will happen if they both come together?!?!”

We asked the rhetorical question but we knew the answer. There will be just pure magic. We had to get them. And we did.

They performed to a cheering, lively and ecstatic audience and floored one and all.

Anushka’s silky smooth voice combined with Allu’s killer moves!

Anushka’s girlish antics combined with Allu’s boyish charms!

Anushka’s peppy numbers combined with Allu’s smooth dance steps!

What we had that night was pure magic. The stage was electrified and everyone was one on the floor! We all danced and danced and danced till we dropped! Not just us, but the newlywed couple joined us and danced all night too. At the end of the night, when it was time to bid farewell to the splendid looking blushing bride, we had such a contrast to usual wedding scenes. While in normal weddings that you all may have attended, there are much tears shed, nostalgia evoked and a sense of heaviness; in this wedding there was nothing but pure electric charge!

Everybody was laughing, joking and enjoying themselves. The bride left beaming and singing; the groom almost danced to the car! Everybody had a gala time, and thanks only to the sizzling talent and chemistry of Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun!

I am so sure than any situation would be charged with energy when Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice come together.

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