This is for you papa…

If there is one person who’s presence I crave for, who I think about every day, who is there in my life in spirit if not in person, who I wish was here every waking moment, it is my father.

My father left for his heavenly abode couple of years ago.

But while he was there, he was my messiah. He was my mentor, my guiding light, my friend and my philosopher.  But I am not sure if I valued his presence enough. I am not sure if I cherished his lovely kind smile, his twinkling eyes, his lyrical soft voice and his gentle warm words. If I saw him on every opportunity I could, if I shared with him everything I could, if I sought his wonderful advice whenever I could. But instead of making this post one about sad nostalgia and lost moments, I want to make it about the glory of that wonderful man, that was my father.

If I am on a crossroad in life,

I just need to close my eyes.

I need to ask myself,

“What would he have done?”

And I know the answer to every question,

Every challenge, every confusion.

If I am on a crossroad in life,

I just need to think of you, papa.

If I close my eyes, I can also think of all the gifts I could have given to him, all the words I could have told him, all the books I could have bought for him, all the dishes I could have cooked for him; but again, I would like to think of the days when I was fortunate to be told by him that I am his favorite daughter, all the days he picked up the phone to tell me something silly that happened in his day, all the ways in which he expressed his love and all the little things he did for me.

Those moment were precious I got with you,

Your kindness and warmth shining bright,

You were extraordinary since I remember you,

You were my beacon and will always be.

I thought you were there forever,

I never thought I will lose you papa,

If I knew my time with you was fleeting,

I would have never let you go…

Life is so unpredictable. What looks certain one moment could be totally unrecognizable the other. That is the sadness and the beauty of life at the same time. It is fluid and we have to accept it. It is flowing and we have flow with it. As we go along in the journey of life, facing different challenges, having different experiences and meeting different people; all we can do is to do our best and be our best, all we can do is savor the present moment in the best way possible.

So even though, I don’t have my father with me today, I am glad I have his legacy. I am glad that he has left so many beautiful memories to warm the hearts of all his children. I am glad that there is so much I want to remember him for every single day of my remaining life. And so I feel that I want to close my eyes and give me beloved papa a long and tight hug, and tell him and I will love him forever and ever. I know that a hug is the best gift that I can give him this father’s day because wherever he is beyond the clouds, he will value my deep love and send it back to me many many times over…..

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks


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