Towards becoming a better parent…

As you know from my previous post, I am passionate about being a good parent and spreading the message to all existing and future parents. This is a journey that can be gratifying and frightening at the same time. However, it really all depends on how one handles it. It can give equal number of highs and lows. It can make one a patient and wonderful person, even at the most difficult and anxious of trying times. There are umpteen number of self-help books, guides and websites that teach one how to be a better parent. There are stories that get passed on from generation to generation. There are dos and don’ts that almost all of us have heard from our own parents, friends and random strangers! However, everybody’s journey is unique and special in their own little and big ways.


And I am passionate about how one can make the journey even more rewarding. Just how cooking and blogging are my passions, family is also my passion. And that is why you can see I write many articles about my family, or participate in many initiatives that allow me to express some feelings about my family.

My last post was about a great site where I read a lot of articles about best parenting practices and advice. I had shared the link to the article and also my thoughts on why I liked the article so much. In this post, I would like to write a fresh article inspired by another insightful one that I read on the rewardme website. So this is what I think you need to do if you want to get your little ones to do chores around the house:

Lead by example: This cannot be emphasized enough. Kids learn much more by seeing than by being taught. If you want them to do something, demonstrate it first with your good behavior and habits. So if you want them to do chores, then do them happily around the house. If you looks grumpy or unhappy doing them, how will you ever inspire them to do or like it? Between the two of you, make a pact to do the tasks allotted to everyone in the house in a pleasant and thankful manner – your child is surely picking up the cues. And like the first point in the article says, starting early is the key as that’s when long lasting behavior sets in.

Make it fun and interesting: if the tasks are boring and sapping, then the kids may never learn to like and enjoy them. Try to attach a fun element with the tasks as you gradually help them understand how these tasks are important for everybody in the family. I also think it is important that kids should not expect fun out of every chore, so keep the fun element in check and do not overdo it.

Explain the reasons: Kids are smarter than you think. Sometimes they needed to be trusted like adults. You need to explain the reason why some chores are to be done, why some behavior is expected out of them and why everybody in the family is responsible in some way or the other for the others’ well-being. While I am against growing up the kids much ahead of time, I support treating them like intelligent people and not little silly cute lumps.

Be realistic: This point is so valid that I just had to pick it as it is and explain it in my way. There are certain things that kids can never do or understand so there is no reason you should expect it out of them. By expecting unrealistic behavior and maturity out of them, you are loading them with too much more than what they can handle. Be realistic and they will live up to what you expect.

In the end all I can say is that it is essential to make the most out of your time with your kids. They grow up and they move on with their lives. These moments when they are young and with you will never come back in the same way. So as you get them do the chores, also remember them to be the best parent you can…

Parenting can be fun and exciting,

Even when it is a challenge.

Make it creative, start small,

Surely you will be able to manage.

As you help them learn chores,

Also spend quality time together.

As they grow up to be lovely people,

Each day will get better and better.


You can read many other helpful articles on parenting and children here.  I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda. Images are from pixabay


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