Crash your way into a balanced diet

If you talk to 10 people on the road today, chances are that 5 of them have tried some of the other form of crash diet. There is so much pressure through various media channels, magazines, movies etc to look wafer thin for women and pumped up for men that people are resorting to all sorts of unhealthy mechanisms to lose weight and look unrealistically perfect. But crash diets can be extremely harmful for the human body. There is so much damage that is being caused to our body through them that most people don’t seem to know or think about. Let me throw some light, based on what I know:

  1. Deficiencies in the body of important ingredients like many Vitamin and/or Minerals: Crash diets often lead to lack of sodium and potassium, which both play key roles in the body’s nerve and muscle function.  Not only these two, crash diets can make calcium and iron also low in the body because most of the food products consumed during the crash diet don’t have them. This can cause severe long lasting issues like anemia and osteoporosis.
  2. Metabolism gets affected: Since the body is trying to adapt to the new diet, the metabolism slows down and this means that even when you get back to your normal diet, your metabolism will still be slower. Unfortunately this means that you will gain weight easily after that.
  3. Mental issues: Crash diets don’t just affect the body. They affect the mind too. Important constituents for our body like serotonin and dopamine are created by eating carbohydrates and proteins. Hence mood swings and depression can be common by products of a diet that is lacking in these and other critical minerals and vitamins.

Crash diets seem to work in the short term and hence mislead people into following them. However mostly, they make you lose only water weight or much needed muscle mass. And this is definitely not a long term gain. If you really a well tones healthy body in the long term, what you need is a clearly planned healthy balanced diet coupled with exercises. Repeated for decades, but surely true and effective!

  1. Eat small portions: You need to eat everything, all important vitamins, minerals that your body needs and that you get through vegetables, dairy or meat products. What you need to do is to reduce the intake in one sitting.
  2. Eat everything: Yes, this is true! I am not talking of fast food or junk food, but I am talking of various food groups and families that add to your body in remarkably positive ways.
  3. Remove those small evils from your diet: There are certain things in your diet that you are habitual of taking and that are becoming big impediments to that healthy and toned body. Some examples are processed foods like processed sugar, processed wheat and processed meats. Instead of eating processed what like maida, add whole wheat or atta to your diet. Instead of processed meat like salamis, eat boiled / baked / grilled meat. Instead of processed white sugar, take jiggery or better still, honey. Honey is natural source of sweetening, it has less calories, is rich in vitamins / minerals / antioxidants and helps in digestion!


I found a lot of helpful information on a honey diet here and would encourage you all to look up the link and make the necessary changes in your food habits now!

The image is from the Dabur Honey website.


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