What’s your secret to freshness?

Music is passion for a lot of us. Music has no boundaries or language, it showers universal love. The blend of rhythmic sounds and lyrics that is available in huge diversity works like magic on our senses. Music is truly my window to freshness and here are some of the songs that always rescue me from the madness in my life and pep me up!

Ghagra (Ye Jawani hai Deewani)

Whether her flawless moves or her chemistry with Ranbit Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit did it again with her magical presence on the screen in this song.

Chikni Chameli (Agnnepath)

Katrina Kaif burns the screen every time she comes on it. An unknown model and VJ who is now the heartthrob of millions, Katrina can’t dance or act for nuts, but she had the magnetic presence and appeal that makes her the star that she truly deserves to be!

Sheila ki Jawani (Tees Marr khan)

The movie may have been utter nonsense, but the song was a surprise delight in my opinion. Katrina looks perfect, manages to hold on to the moves that the choreographer gave her and lights up the screen with her charm.

London Thumakda (queen)

Kangana stole my heart, just like she stole his or hers or yours! She is at her best in this movie, when it comes to the nuances of acting and amazing in the songs, on the bar counter or during her wedding preparations in the London Thumakda song. Another song that brings me to the perfect state of liveliness.

Nagada Sang Dhol (Ram Leela)

Indian weddings are known for their grand expenditure and fancy preparations. This is one of the most amazing songs that deserves to be among the Top 10 Indian wedding songs of all times with its peppy beats and music.

Party All Night (Boss)

I love dancing to this song at any time! This always makes people groove and dance crazily at any party or get together!

Gandi Baat (R Rajkumar)

Initially I thought this song was very weird. But now I am quite addicted to it, especially Mika’s carefree singing style. This song of Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha starrer R Rajkumar has become very popular among people of all age group, especially among the youngsters. It makes people let lose and dance their hearts away.

Dhoom Machale (Dhoom 3)

With the perfect Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan on screen, this song is “Old and Gold” variety. As the lyrics of the song suggests this song is about living the moment fully!

Dance basanti (Ungli)

Simple beats and a simple step to be followed. I like this song for its simplicity and beats.

Finally let me tell you another song which will pump freshness, liveliness and true ‘Taazgi ka Dhamaka’ into you! Listen to it once and surely you will be addicted


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