My lovely brownies in the making..

I am so happy with my gorgeous Hamilton Beach oven that I have not stopped baking since it arrived home! I have the most gorgeous and yummy brownies in the oven right now and I was soooo full of joy that I had to blog right now itself, and not wait for when they are ready :))

Getting whisky!

Getting whisky!

All whisked up!

All whisked up!

And then onto the oven…

Just in the oven

Just in the oven

A close up…

Baking baking..

Baking baking..

Almost there...

Almost there…

Well, they are not ready yet but I am sure they will be divine :)))

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2 thoughts on “My lovely brownies in the making..

  1. I hope your brownies turned out great 🙂
    Your post tempted me bake a batch of brownies myself 😀

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