Putting A Smile On That Face :)

There are a bunch of naughty kids in my neighborhood. Every afternoon as I prepare to take my siesta, I hear them making plans to play pranks on children and adults alike. How they will mix cough syrup in people’s drinks at dinners, how they will trick parents about home-work, how they will make one of the other kids run around looking for them everywhere while they will be hiding on the terrace or how they will pretend to be ill to avoid school to take off for nearby orchards together.

While at times, these clever stories of their naughtiness irritate me, by robbing me of my sleep, at most times I find it endearing. I have almost begun to associate their congregations with my sleep time and keep waiting for their playful greetings before I hit the bed post lunch each day. Some of the ways in which they greet each other bring a smile to my face.

Yesterday, after I finished eating the vegetable biryani that I had cooked and the apple cake that I had baked (photos in my previous post), I was waiting for the familiar babble to start. After waiting for a long time, I decided to sleep as I was too tired already. But my sleep was not peaceful. In the evening, I quickly had my daily chai and went down to investigate. Turned out that most schools had announced sudden exams and the kids were busy studying. I was sure that this did not make them happy.

I went to the houses of a few of my younger friends whose kids were still in the exam age. I wanted to see the kids and understand about their moods. Understandably, they looked morose and dejected. I wondered why Indian schools seemed hell-bent on torturing children with so many tests, exams and projects that not only were a plight for the children themselves but also their parents. But that was something I could not help immediately. I had something else on my mind now.

I went home and decided to do something that will bring a smile to the faces of these adorable mischief makers. Well, the facts involved were obvious:

  1. This was a bunch of kids and kids love snacks.
  2. They would want to eat something exciting and yummy at the same time.
  3. They ate food at home, made by loving mummies, so what would put a smile on their faces would be something slightly forbidden, slightly inaccessible

And what better to meet all these criteria, than the range of delectable McCain snacks!

Today I went to the market and stocked up the best of the McCain offerings:

  • McCain French Fries – Extra Crisp, Extra Delicious


  • McCain Smiles – Crispy Happy Potatoes


  • McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites
  • McCain Super Wedges – Crispy Parsley Coated Potatoes


  • McCain Veggie Burger – Crispy Coated Vegetable Patties


  • McCain Aloo Tikki – Mazedaar Masala Tikki
  • McCain Veggie Nuggets – Crunchy Veggie Delight


  • McCain Cheese and Jalapeno Nuggets


  • McCain Potato Cheese Shotz


With all of these delicious, quick to prepare and delicious to taste, snacks at my disposal; I plan to invite the lovable brats to my house tomorrow evening for a little party at my place. I am sure that with a little breather among all the studying, yummy food and lots of laughs, they will go back home relaxed and smiling ear to ear 🙂


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