I am a dilli-wallah

Well, people can call us loud, people can call us brash, yes we love flamboyance, yes we change cars faster than the clothes on film actresses during songs. Yes, we are all that and more.

But we are also warm and passionate, we are loving, we are perseverant and we never give up!

We are dilli-wallahs!

I am a thorough Delhi person and I love the north region for so many reasons that I cannot even recount. So when I saw this zonal war, I laughed and started writing immediately!

Let’s go point by point.


Well I am not going to get into cars because like I said earlier, Delhi-wallahs love their cars. They love cars that are gorgeous, new and shiny. So let’s go beyond this.

So what is drive? It is a push from within. It means how much you are willing you go, how far you are willing to go. Delhi has the maximum number of immigrants. Its people have gone through so much turmoil, trouble and anguish, that now they are stronger and more driven than ever.

Do I need to say anything about this? Let me say this:

“I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied:

The world is the body and Delhi its life.”

— Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib



From the Red Fort to the Old Fort to the Tughlaqabad area to Qutub Minar, each of them represents a separate period in the history of Delhi. They architecturally perfect and visually gorgeous. In the area of New Delhi, historical monuments cover mostly those that were built during the time of the British like the Parliament House, President’s House, the India Gate, the list is endless.

Delhi boasts of the finest moments in the country. Its monuments are rich in history and speak a thousand stories. Each of them have witnessed so many eras and phases that we cannot justify what we are as compared to them.

I think this rich history and splendor makes Delhi the most magical place not only in India but in the entire world, in terms of Design.

Do I need to say anything about this? Let me say this:

“Delhi. The ruins of an old city, markets, monuments, broken mansions, the zigzag of roads, the still

sad times of music past. And rising up from it, her mother, wind in her hair, laughing like a witch.”

― Debotri Dhar, The Courtesans of Karim Street



Like I said earlier Delhi can be called a city of immigrants, it is a melting pot, it is a sponge. Delhi attracts, Delhi seduces and keeps you in its folds, warm and happy. I feel connected to everybody in Delhi that I know or don’t know. Of course I can reach all my loved ones in a jiffy with the multiple transport options like auto-rickshaws, buses, metro trains, cycle-rickshaws (in old Delhi) or my own vehicles through the wide and well-paved roads. Delhi, is nothing, if not connected. Delhi is vast and yet a throbbing wonderful heart, open for all.

Do I need to say anything about this? Let me say this:

“I met a hundred men going to Delhi

And everyone is my brother.”

— Pope Paul VI


Thanks Tata Motors for giving me this opportunity to express my love 🙂



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