A tangy daal with mango


It has been so long since I posted a recipe, and I really need to get back to it now! Recently I tried a very different version of a regular daal. You may have read my earlier recipe here, and I am not sure f you tried it, but it turns out nicely, if you ask my family and friends. But recently I was speaking with one of my friends from Andhra Pradesh and she told about the daal that she had made that morning, that I was so surprised I had not tried something like that before!

It was that ingenious idea which makes mothers so special! You know the effortless style in which they find ways to use local ingredients, healthy additives and style variations! My Hyderabad friend told me about their typical, tangy, daal made with raw mango!

This sour daal goes excellent with rice, is peppy with flavor and very healthy for all your kids too. it is simple to make and you can change the recipe to your liking and taste. I won’t go into the whole recipe because it is pretty similar to this one, but I can tell you where I added the raw mango, which gave it that special peppy twist. I added the mango towards the end, when all the flavours were coming together and infusing into each other, then I left it to simmer on a low heat with the lid on, so that the heat and cook it through and through, and the flavors and textures can come together beautifully.

There are lots of options in this, it can be with ginger-garlic or without, it can be with vegetables or without, it can be eaten with basmati rice or the normal one, it can be eaten with fulkas or chapatis, and the possibilities are endless!

Another thing that I did is that I put the mango whole, along with its seed! I think this worked particularly well because the thick seed gave it as distinct taste which my kids loved. Of course I took out the seed before I served the daal to the family

Later I was looking up online for more ideas on this daal, and I learned some very interesting things that I wanted to share here with all of you:

  • This daal is called pappu in Andhra Pradesh. mango is called as mamidikaya in telugu, hence mango cooked with dal called as mamidikaya pappu.
  • This daal is a part of the set thali that you get in all Andhra restaurants, as a thick accompaniment to the slighter runnier sambhar.
  • The mango is added in chunks and pieces or even whole. It should be necessarily young, else the taste won’t be as tangy and peppy.


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