Before it is too late…


I was reading an online book recently and was shocked at the mention of online bullying. Thankfully I belonged to a generation where life was not so public and unsafe, when everything was not so much under the scanner and where we could be ourselves without worrying about surveillance! It seems like that is a luxury now! This particular book talks about a young woman called Charu being surreptitiously bullied by a boy named Sam, who easily managed to deceive for pretty much the whole time. It gets so ugly that often I found myself wondering if that is how it really happens these days, though I would not be surprised at all if so. I have being noticing some bizarre trends on my limited time on the social media and a lot of it is scary and not really upbeat like how it is made to be.

Well, as an example, a lot of times I myself am stunned to see some of the reactions to posts / images / videos on various social media forums. I feel that there are a lot of repressed and frustrated people out there in the world and the social media channels have given them this opportunity to vent out all the pent up venom.


There is another instant where a young female activist mentions a tigress’s skinning and then heart breakingly speaks about the ugly reactions to it on YouTube. Again, I am not surprised and feel that the writer Sriram Ayer has caught the pulse of today’s psychology. I am surprised by the dysfunctional minds out there that seem to be harboring notions which do not fit into any category of sane or harmonious – of course I realize that it is not my place to judge at all and there probably a lot about me that appears as ‘not sane’ to others, but my point is that the way Sam cyber bullies Charu or these insensitive comments posted on the tigress’s skinning resonated with me on this strange turn that social media platforms seem to be taking by allowing people the anonymity to post anything that resides deep within them without the fear of censure or the urge to question their morality.

Where are headed? What is exactly happening and why is it not being taken more seriously? The youth seems to be at a dangerous crossroad and the governments seem to be busy filling their coffers. These are the people who will shape tomorrow and is anybody bothered? Aren’t these symptoms a good barometer of what could happen if things are not addressed soon?


In fact this whole book, The Story of a Suicide“, is a gripping novel that tells the stories of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, whose lives are interconnected in a web of love, passion, revenge and deceit. It captures some burning topics like child abuse, depression among youth, suicidal tendencies, cyber bullying, love and loss. I feel, as a first step, our government can just start by reading this book and then do something meaningful to handle and assuage our anxious youth in the most sensitive manner possible.



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