Your unique way of staying healthy


I had such a wonderful time writing my last post, that I decided to write one more, not just because I wanted to enjoy the process of writing or blogging, but because I felt that I had something else to share which will definitely help me avid readers, especially because a lot of my writing is about families and a lot of my readers out there who write to me want to know my suggestions for that! Writing that last post also got me thinking that it is very important to be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy so that trying to achieve good health does not become this monstrous impossible dream, but stays effortless and easy the way it should ideally be, because otherwise it would like the experience I had with one of my kids regarding the quintessential Indian vegetable ‘kinda’! Yes, when my daughter was a kid, I forced her to eat ‘kinda’ a lot and what happened without my realizing was that she started associating this vegetable with something forced and hateful. The result is also that she does not eat it even till today!

So just because I do not want that kind of taboo to be associated with the good pursuit of health for my family and yours, I want to show you that it is possible in a light and fun way that can be incorporated into your everyday life. Here are my little things that I do, changes that I have made in my routine, that have helped me personalize the process of staying healthy, happy and fit, in a no-stress no-pressure no-guilt way!

Splitting the house chores among the family

This may look like a no-brainer, but it is not. Everyday activities and chores, like cleaning the dining table afar everybody finishes eating or like buying milk and curd every morning from the neighborhood shop, can burn more calories than you could imagine. I learned this slowly over a period of time. Sometimes it can be difficult to get my lazy family to move, but I have trained myself to overlook it and overcome the tendency to do it all myself. I get them all to move, even if it takes a little bit of chiding and scolding. While we have a domestic help who comes in every morning, I get the kids to do the dishes in the evening so that they stay active, and of course with the by-product (yes all healthy habits have amazing by-products!) that the kitchen sink is clear throughout the night and does not attract any cockroaches! My husband makes the morning round to buy all the dairy products we need through the day, breads, snacks or anything else. In the evening, while cooking, everybody helps me in the chopping and cutting and after food (because afternoons everyone is out of home for work or study, other than me), I get everyone to work together to clean the dining table, the kitchen and the house in general. The result? Active minds and bodies, and a clean and sparkling home!


Sunday freestyle exercise with the family!

Again, since I am into family well-bring and health, the time management and coordination can be a challenge at times but I try the best I can and I encourage you to try the best you can as well. Every Sunday morning, we make it a point to just sit down (or stand up!) as a family before breakfast for a short freestyle exercise session, listening to relaxing music. Initially it was difficult because everybody would say that they have work or other engagements but gradually and thankfully, they started enjoying it. Normally we keep it very easy and simple, and some days it just becomes a walk together in our neighborhood, but because we do it together as a family, it often leads to a lot of laughters and bonding! And I reward everyone later with a wonderful healthy breakfast, that definitely include fruit too, but also things that each of them love individually each week.


Before I close this post, I want you to again remind yourself that health need not be a herd activity, joining classes that others are going for or eating the fad foods. You can have a unique happy journey, in your own unique way, just how this video explains in a simple and endearing way…


I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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