Instant blunder to instant sale


Ever since our children moved out of Delhi, for various reasons like work, my husband and I find ourselves in situations where we are faced with technology but do not know what to do. Earlier they would help us send emails, print documents or air tickets using our laser printer, install apps for us on our phones or laptops and generally keep telling us about new technology things that were launched or were useful. Now, for simple things too we find ourselves struggling often. Being from a generation, where we were not born operating smartphones like kids of today, it is certainly a novelty for us, and hence sometimes an intimidation. We do not share the same level of intimacy with technology the way the current generation does, and I know that this is true for a lot of people from our generation, because we live in a huge apartment complex with many of our friends’ children abroad or out of town for similar reasons.

Recently when the new iPhone was launched, my daughter, as expected, indulged us with it. Since she had ordered the newly launched one last year for me, this year it was husband’s turn. She ordered the new phone for him this year, even though we tried to tell her it was a little too expensive for a phone! When the new phone arrived, we were suddenly left with a perfectly function older model, launched two years ago, that we had no use for anymore! We could not believe that a phone that had cost almost Rs. 40,000 will be a piece of junk now, or almost. I say almost because my husband is very particular about these things and would not let us waste such an expensive item. But even then, all he knows about are those small shops in dingy markets where one can exchange old phones for new ones for abysmally low value, and one ends up just believing whatever the shopkeeper says with the assumption that he knows more about technology than us. And after last year’s crazy experience online, we had decided to go back to this traditional route forever.


I am sure you are curious now and wondering what was so bizarre about our experience selling our phone online last year. Okay, let me tell you. As soon as I got the new phone last year, we felt particularly millennial and young and we decided to use technology intelligently to sell my old phone online. We spoke to our daughter who was busy with work, so she just helped us quickly set up an online account and posted details of the phone with some pictures there, and then we took on from there. Crazy things happened after that like I said, a few of them are listed below…

Bizarre Episode 1

Caller 1 (man): Hello! We read your post!

Me: Yes, that is right. Are you interested?

Caller 1: Oh yes, very interested!

Me: Great! So the price and all other things are okay by you.

Caller 1: Well, ya.

Me: Perfect! When do you want to meet then?

Caller 1: How about now?

Me: Now?!

Caller 1: Ya?

Me: Oh, ok, sure. We can meet at a mid point? Where do you live?

Caller 1: Oh no, no need for you to come to the mid point. It anyway makes sense for me to come to your house.

Me: Oh, so kind of you!

Caller 1: Yes, I am very kind.

Me: Okay, so here is my address, XYZABC. You can come any time after 5PM when my husband will be around too

Caller 1: Sounds wonderful.

The door bell rang sharp at 5PM. My husband and I looked at each other. We were impressed by the punctuality. I opened the door. It was a woman in her late forties, with a woman in her late 60s.

Me: Hello! Eh, are you here for the phone?

Woman 1: Yes, we are, well sort of.

Me: Oh, great. It was a man’s voice on the phone so I expected a male.

Woman 2: Oh ya that was me.

Yes, she had a remarkably thick voice.

Me: Ah, oh, eh, ok. Please come in.

I took out the phone and showed it to them.

Me: Here it is. You can take a look before paying or taking it.

Woman 1: Ya, that is fine. Where is the bed sheet on which it was kept when you took the picture?

Me: Which picture?

Woman 1: The one you posted online.

Me: Huh, what?

Woman 2: We want to see the bed sheet and buy a similar one.

Me: Are you here for the phone?

Woman 1: We responded on the phone, because my mother loved the bed sheet and she wants to buy the exact one.

My husband: So, you browse posts looking for bed sheets?

Woman 2 (proudly): Yes.

Woman 1: We have found many good bed sheets for our house looking at such pictures. Can you please show the one you have in that picture.

Me (not knowing what to say): Yes, uh, I think so.

So, they saw the bed sheet and took many happy pictures with it. They sent the pictures to all their kitty party friends who equally loved the bed sheet. Then they both thanked us gallantly and left our home. And the phone, obviously.


Crazy escapade 2

Caller 2: Hello ji, namaste.

Me: Hello, who is that?

Caller 2: Ji, I am Balvinder.

Me: Balvinder who?

Caller 2: Ji, Balvinder Singh.

Me: No! I mean. I don’t know any Balvinder Singh. So who are you?!

Caller 2: Ji, I am a person.

Me: Well, that much I can guess, since you made this call, so you must be a person.

Caller 2: Great, ji, you make such great conclusions.

Me (angry and irritated): Can you please tell me why you are calling.

Caller 2: Ji, I saw your post.

Me: Ohhh!! Okay! About the phone?

Caller 2: Yes, ji.

Me: So you want to buy the phone? (I was kind of cautious after the encounter with the bed sheet ladies)

Caller 2: Totally ji.

Me: Great! And you are okay with the price and other things?

Caller 2: Totally ji.

Me: And you are not interested in the bed sheet on which it is placed?

Caller 2: Are you into the business of selling bed sheets ji?

Me: No, no, I am not.

Caller 2: Then I do not understand ji?

Me: Sorry, ignore than. So, let us get back to the phone. When can you pick it?

Caller 2: Well, can you deliver ji?

Me: Hmmmm, ok, I think we can. Where do you live?

Caller 2: Behind Civil Lines ji.

Me: Ok, that is doable! We go to Civil Lines sometimes to meet my sister in law!

Caller 2: Wonderful ji!

Me: Where exactly?

Caller 2: Behind it.

Me: I heard that, but behind where.

Caller 2: Behind Civil Lines ji.

Me: Where. Exactly, Behind, Civil. Lines!

Caller 2: On the second road near the post office, to the left.

Me: Oh, I did not know there was a post office behind there?

Caller 2: It is a landmark in this area, ji!

Me: Really? Wow!

Caller 2: Totally ji.

Me: Ok, Give me the address. We will try and drop it over the weekend.

Caller 2: House 23-A, Behind Civil Lines, Agra.

Me: Perfect- Sorry what?

Caller 2: Sorry what ji?

Me: Did you say Agra?

Caller 2: Yes, ji.

Me: I live in Delhi.

Caller 2: That is wonderful ji. Such a great city. The capital of the country.

Me: Wait! I do not mean it like that. I am in Delhi so my phone is in Delhi.

Caller 2: Yes, I am in Agra so my phone is in Agra, ji.

Me: My Balvinder Singh, do you realize you are trying to buy a phone from Delhi sitting in Agra?

Caller 2: Oh yes ji, big moment for me.

Me: huh?

Caller 2: I never thought I will buy a phone from Delhi but your post made my dream come true.

Me: But- Never mind.

I hung up the phone and sat holding my head in my hands. Then I spoke to my husband, who laughed a little, but mostly just logged into the account and deleted the post. Then we decided we will go to a shop and sell the phone the old fashioned way. And we did, at a price that was not to our satisfaction and spending so much time walking around, trying to get a deal, in the heat, all the while hoping anxiously that it all goes satisfactorily.


So, this year, when my husband got a new phone, we did not even need to discuss what we are going to do with the old one. Like I said it was so expensive so we had to get whatever value we could out of it. We took our car and left for the West Delhi area to find a shop in Gaffar market or Karol Bagh to sell our old phone.

Once we got there, we saw a few friends of our son walking out of a restaurant. Since they used to come home a lot when our son was in the country, because they loved my cooking, my husband and I are pretty close to them, and decided to stop the car and say hi to them. As was expected, they asked us what we were doing in the area, and when we told them, they looked quite surprised. This is how the resulting conversation looked like…

Amit (Friend one): Are you serious? You will sell your old phone at a shop?

Me: Yes, what is so strange about it?

Amit: Because that is so old fashioned aunty!

Hari (Friend two): And you both came here, all the way for it? Driving for almost forty-five minutes?

My husband: Yes, why?

Amit: Because that is so inconvenient uncle!

Hari: The world has really moved on, uncle.

Me: Oh ya, you kids, trying to be cool! We know all those online tricks, those second hand or used stuff selling forums. A lot of them are worse than going face to face.

Amit: Which forums are you talking of?

I told them of the names I knew.

Hari: Okay, these names yo u are talking of are the old ones and yes they are not the best in the area of selling used mobiles and laptops, but before I go there, I want to know from you why you think they are worse?

Husband: Because you have to go and deliver the thing to the buyer?

Me: Yes, and we will surely not get a good deal from a random buyer online.

Husband: And let me tell you, it is not that we have never tried it! We did try it last year, and it was a crazy.

Amit: What happened?

So, then we told them about our two crazy experience, and they almost fell on the floor laughing.

Me: Stop laughing! It was crazy!

Amit: Hahaha! We can see that!

Husband: Okay, what is your point?

Amit: Okay, aunty and uncle, you have clearly not heard of Cashify?

Me: What is that?

Amit: Yes, I know it! You would not say this or come here if you had heard of it!

Hari: Cashify’s mission is to transform the way people sell their old gadgets online. They help unlock the highest price for your old gadget with the least amount of effort.

Amit: Through a localized network of professional buyers across the country, they make sure you are able to sell your old or used gadgets in the fastest way possible and get the best customer experience.

Hari: When they say – Sell Fast & Easy, they mean it!

Me: Sounds good. But how is it different from others in the same field?

Amit: You get instant price quote and assured sale!

Hari: Plus, free device pick-up and also instant cash delivered at your doorstep!

Husband: Wow, really!

Amit: Yes, uncle!

Me: That does sound very promising!

Amit: Yes, and their team is great with proven experience! Wit, let me pull out the app for you here on my phone. See this.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 6.00.28 PM

Hari: See this, option. you can even get your phone repaired through them.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 4.55.47 PM

Husband: That is wonderful. They seem to know our worries and needs.

Hari: Yes, they do.

Amit: See these things about activating anti theft too. Great tips.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 4.55.22 PM

Me (to my husband): I think we should use Cashify to sell our phone.

Husband: I think so too. They seem reliable and lucrative.

Me: Thank you kids! So glad we met you and you told us about this!

Amit and Hari: Our pleasure, aunty and uncle.

Hari: Of course you can cook us your legendary Chole Bhathure or Pro Bhaji as a reward.

Amit: And post the recipes later on your wonderful and popular blog!

Me: Hahaha! You guys are too clever. Okay, done!

Amit and Hari: Hurray!


So we did use Cashify and the results were more than expected. I do not want to start listing them here and make this a promotional post, so perhaps you can try it yourself and see their great service and value. If you use the promo code CLEANCASH, you will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets! If I have to say about my experience simply, I am a fan of #CleanUpCashOut 🙂 Here’s their video detailing how you can use their services!


(Images are from Pixabay)


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